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Why Someone Like Me?

I walked into the classroom as quick as possible. It was raining that day but my eagerness and excitement to start the next two years of my life made me see pass the fact that my clothes were completely wet. I sat in the first row with my hands together. I quickly glanced over the room with some anxiety. I didn’t find what I was looking for in that moment. As my professor began to talk s I looked to the other side of myeand noticed two other students who looked like me. I would soon find out that one of them was from Arkansas and the other one was from Virginia. My anxiety decreased as class went on. I was excited to engaged in conversation with them. Two other students  who looked like me. Over the next two years all three of us would have conversations that would completely change my way of thinking regarding diversity in Academia. 

As a graduate student in my MSW program I found it difficult at times to engage in conversations about diversity without having to cut the uncomfortableness with a butter knife. Diversity among the staff was little to none. Diversity among students was small, yet we were able to have conversations outside of the classroom that allowed for me to realize that their was common theme. In the midst police brutality in this country I can’t tell you one time where we had a debrief. Topics of racial inequality was given little attention, yet future social workers were being prepared to go out into the world. As I write this post I would like to say that in no way do I feel my program was obligated to devote a significant amount of time to these topics, however as a minority student it would have been helpful to have what some would call a “safe place” to openly engage in conversation about these topics and how the profession connects.

Someone Like Me was created as a way to connect those who may have found themselves in a similar situation, or even currently. This is a blogging site and organization dedicated to connecting minorities to someone who can relate or understand. This blog will also provide articles, resources, and social media chats. 


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