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“What Do You Want?”: Reality Therapy and WDEP

One of the things I’ve really become obsessed with in practice is the WDEP Model which means 

W- What Do You Want?

D- What are you doing to get what you want?

E-Evaluating what you want. Is it working? Yes or no?

P-what are you planning to do? 

I’ve been recently using this model a lot with my clients who are adolescents in a treatment program. I’ve found that many times they express their frustrations when things don’t go the way they want them to so I ask “what do you want?” They look at me with a puzzled look and say “what do you mean?” And I asked them again “what do you want?” I’m usually referring to their long term goals but short term goals are helpful too. They typically say “I want to go home.” And then ask “what are you doing that is getting you closer to getting home.” This is the part I enjoy because they are able to see what they are doing or not doing. I think it’s such an effective model because it’s quick,simple, and challenging. 


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