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African-American Mental Health: Trust in the Medical Field

Retro Agent of Change

In the first part of my series speaking about Mental Health in the black community, I’m going address the lack of trust in the medical field. Rightfully so blacks have faced hardships since slavery. Once slavery was abolished, there was the Civil Rights Movement. Fast forward past affirmative action to 2016 you see blacks continue to face significant challenges. Distrust in the medical field started way before any of us were even thought of.


One of the biggest events that comes to mind affecting our trust in the medical field was the Tuskegee Study. This was when researchers wanted to study untreated syphilis in black men. Not to mention the men were not given informed consent, a commonplace practice of experiments of today. This experiment lasted for about 40 years. It killed a lot of black men, and ultimately was inhumane. That’s just one example. However, oral stories passed down…

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