Posted in Social Work

NASW Code Of Ethics 6.04

I have seen many social workers turn their heads to political statements made in our country. Social Work IS Political. We cannot avoid this or pretend that it’s not. We are bound by our code of ethics to advocate for individuals, groups, or class that are being exploited,or  discriminated against. This includes taking a stand against the following: Police brutality, discrimination against sexual orientations, sexism, racism, and religious persecution, etc. Don’t take the credentials if you aren’t willing to take on the job. As a profession WE MAKE MOVES. We make things happen. We are transformative and impactful to decades of work in this country. We have people who today in this country feel powerless, abandoned, and hopeless. As a profession let’s EMPOWER, and restore voices where they belong. This includes …. you guessed it, accepting that Social Work is political. 


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